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I have signed my lease/or purchased my location and I am ready to start building what do I do next?

If you have not already done so, your next steps should be to hire an architect and a general contractor. The architect will work with you to design the plans for building the project not only the way that you want, but, so that it will comply with local building codes. If you have purchased a franchise, the franchisor may provide you with a prototype set of drawings, but these will still have to be adapted to meet local building code requirements and to conform with your site.

The general contractor should be hired simultaneously with the architect or shortly after the architect is hired. Hiring the general contractor early in process can help to ensure that the contractor can work with you and the architect to explain the constructibility of different designs and suggest alternative materials or methods that will save money and time without sacrificing the quality or visual look of your project. For example, granite countertops look great but cost considerably more than high quality laminates or solid surface options. Or an environmentally friendly lighting package may seem like something you want to do until you realize that lighting packages that provide similar quality visually are available for ½ to 1/3 of the price.

Apprenticeship Program

The construction industry has become very competitive. It is extremely important for any successful contractor to plan strategies for training and developing highly skilled employees. At Branco, we believe in the theory of “grow you own employees”. This is why we have partnered with Crowder College and operate our Carpentry Apprenticeship trains program.