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How do you plan a building project?

Step One: Meet with stakeholders-A stakeholder is anyone that is affected by the results of the project. Stakeholders can include customers and end users. Make sure that you keep their interests in mind when planning your project. Discuss their needs and expectations and establish project baselines including budgets and a timeline. Get everyone on the same page so that you reduce costly miscommunications.

Step Two: Set & Prioritize Goals-Once you have your stakeholders needs, prioritize them and set specific goals for the project. Include the stakeholders needs and goals in your project plan so that they are clearly communicated and easily shareable.

Step Three: Define Deliverables- Clearly identify the deliverables and the project planning steps needed to meet the project goals. Define the specific outputs you’re expected to deliver. Estimate due dates for each deliverable in the project. Set firm milestones and essential deadlines.

Step Four: Create a project schedule- Define the series of tasks required to complete each deliverable. Determine the amount of time each task will take, the resources required and the individuals responsible for the execution. Identify any dependencies, certain tasks that need to be completed before others can begin. Include deliverables, dependencies and milestones in your plan.

Step Five: Create a site safety plan. Identify any potential concerns upfront that will affect the project planning process. Consider any circumstances that could create a delay in construction. In your project plan, consider what you would do if an unexpected event were to occur and develop a strategy to address these types of events.

Step Six: Present your project plan to the stakeholders-Review your plan and how it addresses the stakeholder’s expectations and present your solutions. Have an open discussion with the stakeholders and address any concerns up front. Determine who needs to see which reports, which decisions will need approval and who has the authority to approve them. Make your project plan accessible and easily understood by all stakeholders. Having all project plan data in a single location will make it easy and less time consuming to track progress, share updates, and make changes without constant meetings.