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Utilizing Subcontractors

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General contractors are responsible for managing and overseeing various construction projects. To complete these projects on time and within budget, they often rely on subcontractors. 

We have talked before about the advantages of working with a general contractor who can self-perform work. They are better able to manage the project as they have an extra level of control regarding the quality of work and overall project schedule. It is equally as important however, to choose a general contractor that understands the important role subcontractors play in the success of a project. Cultivating long lasting relationships with subcontractors is a win-win for all involved and offer several advantages.   

Perhaps the most significant advantage is that it allows contractors to staff their projects with highly skilled workers across different specialties. It would be challenging, if not impossible, to find and retain workers with the same level of experience and expertise if they were hired as full-time employees. 

Below, we will discuss some of the additional advantages of subcontractors. 


4 Reasons Why Subcontracting May Be Right For You 


Long-term Commitment Is Not Required 

One of the great things about subcontracting is that it allows general contractors to work with skilled professionals on a project-by-project basis. This means no long-term commitment is required, and you can hire a subcontractor when you need them.  

This flexibility can be beneficial, especially for small construction projects with tight budgets. Once you complete a project, you can move on to the next without worrying about paying for additional services. 

Local presence benefits community 

As a company grows, so does their geographical footprint. Projects that were once an hour or two from their offices are now maybe hours, if not states away. Additionally, these projects are an opportunity for the community to grow. When local trades are involved, the community benefits financially and if done well, increases brand awareness and secures future work for those individual firms. General contractors will look to partner with trusted local organizations as it reduces potential scope gaps in the project and helps extend their footprint without the added cost of hiring full-time employees.  

Subcontractors offer specialized skills and knowledge 

While general contractors build a variety of projects, subcontractors are typically trained in one area of expertise. This is perfect for individuals who prefer to perform specific tasks that are crucial to complete the project, like HVAC or electric. What good is a new office building if you can’t turn on the lights.? This gives subcontractors more room to develop a specialized skill set that contractors with more generalized knowledge may not have. Depending on their experience, track record and reputation, subcontractors are able to position themselves to be the preferred choice by general contractors and clients alike.  

Better builders  

The best way to truly learn about the construction industry is to get experience in as many areas as you can. Subcontractors specialize in various aspects of the building process such as carpentry, demolition, electric, excavation, flooring, heating and air condition, landscaping, masonry, roofing, painting, and even technology.  

Since these most often occur at different stages in the building process, individuals who work as  subcontractors gain a better understanding of the process start to finish. This comprehensive knowledge will help you in all aspects of your career and could open up doors otherwise closed. While a formal education can be extremely helpful, there is no substitute for real-world experience. Additionally, apprenticeship programs may be available for one of the above specialties. Depending on the specific program, apprenticeships offer paid, on-the job and classroom training.  


Branco’s Self-Performance Capabilities 


Branco Enterprises Inc. is a general contractor with over 89 years of experience in the construction industry. Our self-performance capabilities extend well beyond typical contracting administration tasks. This reflects on all our projects, including site work, steel erection, pre-engineered metal buildings, framing, concrete work, piping, finish carpentry, and rough carpentry.  

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicates themselves to providing the highest quality of workmanship possible. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and staying within budget, so we always aim to exceed our client’s expectations. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you are looking for a general contractor that can handle all aspects of your project from start to finish. We would be more than happy to discuss your specific needs. 

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