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Keeping Ahead of Ahead

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2022 is projected to be a year of growth in the construction industry, despite ongoing global obstacles related to the supply chain. To succeed, construction companies must continue to adapt to and incorporate new technologies and proactively manage challenges for success. For the remainder of this year and moving into 2023, we see the industry […]

A Glance at the Current Construction Environment

Glance at construction industry

“Despite the challenges our industry has faced over the past two years, our team has continued to embrace the ever-changing market and build successful projects for our clients. As we look forward to 2022, I have no doubt they will continue to set us apart from the competition and meet the challenges of the industry […]

Importance of Staying Current in Your Industry

Aerial shot of the Neosho school of performing arts during construction

At Branco, we’re dedicated to staying up to date on safety standards and trends, as well as shifts in our industry — it’s one of our primary goals. In any industry, keeping abreast of the latest technological advances and watching for trends before they’re peak is a crucial part of doing business. In commercial construction […]

What’s Ahead? Commercial Construction Trends in 2021

a drone and drone operator with watching it take off with the hashtag #buildingourfuture

2020 saw unprecedented changes in the commercial construction industry. The COVID-19 pandemic led to international supply chain shortages, workforce challenges, industry need shifts, and the task of finding new ways to operate in a rapidly different world. Couple this with technological disruptions in the industry and a cultural shift towards sustainable building to create a […]

What’s New & Now – 2019 Construction Industry Trends to Watch

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2019 is well underway. In fact, we are approaching the halfway point. At this point, we think it’s worth asking: how well are we keeping up on the latest trends in the construction industry? So, let’s take a look at some of the rising trends in our industry that we should all keep on our […]