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Liberal School District

Location: Liberal, Missouri | Architect/Engineer: Paragon Architecture

The Liberal School District wanted to renovate its existing facility and build a new addition and FEMA Safe Rooms at the high school and elementary facilities. Branco was named the construction manager for this CM-R project. We worked with the school and Paragon Architecture during the design phase and created a preliminary budget at 50% design. By doing this, we were able to include items that the School District wanted upfront and prevented items from being cut later down the road. In fact, our GMP was within 1.44% of the 50% conceptual budget. We also worked with the design team to perform constructability reviews and all scopes of work were identified prior to being out for bid. This detailed review of bid packages ensures we do all we can to avoid scope gaps.

This project is one example of why working together on the front end is so important. The plans initially called to construct a building in between two existing structures. The existing buildings are not square with each other and as a result, would not be square with the new addition. We suggested an edge angle detail for the long angle of the joist so it can be different lengths at each end to make the buildings match up. We completed this 18,839 square foot project in 2021.