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Ozark Community Center

Location: Ozark, Missouri | Architect/Engineer: SAPP Design Associates Architects

The Ozark Community Center is a uniquely designed building nestled on a ridge overlooking the Finley River in historic Ozark Missouri. The 67,000 square foot project incorporated a broad range of specialty items that included stone work, curtain wall glazing with custom etched glass, finish wood carpentry, a FEMA rated shelter with a green roof system, and several innovative mechanical items.  The finishes used on this building, along with the expert craftsmanship help create the illusion the building grew out of the Ozark hillside on which it rests. The center also has a live spring on the property that serves as a “learning spring” for children to learn about springs and groundwater. The community center also serves as the trailhead for the city’s walking trails along the river.