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7th and Illinois Storm Sewer and Channel Improvements Project

Location: Joplin, Missouri | Architect/Engineer: Allgeier, Martin & Associates, Inc.

The 7th & Illinois Storm sewer and channel improvements project was a main focus for the city of Joplin. This area flooded frequently due to restrictions within the stream. In order to facilitate the additional capacity; the double cell culvert had an additional cell added, the creek was widened and had retaining wall’s incorporated into the design to open up the channel, and storm sewer was installed on Illinois Ave. to facilitate better runoff containment. A large portion of the project took place in the stream bed which created challenges but through utilization of dam’s, BMP’s, and pumping we were able to have minimal disturbance to the creek. 

Working with the owner, we were able to improve certain design elements that would have caused issues later on and saved time and money as well. By utilizing in-situ material, native grasses, and cleaning of the stream we were able to achieve a native stream restoration.