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Keeping Ahead of Ahead

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2022 is projected to be a year of growth in the construction industry, despite ongoing global obstacles related to the supply chain. To succeed, construction companies must continue to adapt to and incorporate new technologies and proactively manage challenges for success. For the remainder of this year and moving into 2023, we see the industry […]

Top 7 Safety Tips for Outdoors Winter Construction Workers

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The importance of worker safety is paramount. While construction sites always have dangerous hazards to navigate, winter compounds the situation by creating frigid and slippery hazards that can make injuries more common. With a solid strategy and winter weather safety plan in place, there is a lot that can be done to keep on-site and […]

What’s Ahead? Commercial Construction Trends in 2021

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2020 saw unprecedented changes in the commercial construction industry. The COVID-19 pandemic led to international supply chain shortages, workforce challenges, industry need shifts, and the task of finding new ways to operate in a rapidly different world. Couple this with technological disruptions in the industry and a cultural shift towards sustainable building to create a […]

The Importance of Building Codes in Commercial Construction

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Due to its sheer complexity, building codes have a reputation of being one of the most daunting aspects of the construction process for even the most experienced building owners, general contractors, and other industry professionals. However, building codes play a critical role in the success (or shortcomings) of a project. That’s because they provide a […]

What You Need To Know About Industrial Building Construction

5 Steps of The Industrial Building Process

There are three commonly recognized sectors of the construction industry: residential, commercial, and infrastructure. While that may seem relatively simple on the surface, the reality is that each includes an intricate subset of categories that require different rules, regulations, and planning needs. For example, within the commercial sector alone, there are four main subcategories: industrial, […]