The Construction Industry

Construction Industry Highlights:Construction Industry

  • Job opportunities in the construction industry are excellent for experienced workers.
  • Workers in the construction industry have relatively high hourly earnings
  • There are about 792,000 construction industry companies in the U.S
  • Construction industry workers generally have great career opportunities

The construction industry is the single largest industry in the US, totally over $100 Billion in products and services annually.  That is nearly 12% of the Gross National Product.  So basically, the construction industry is BIG.

Nature of the Construction Industry

Houses, apartments, factories, offices, schools, roads, and bridges are only some of the products of the construction industry. This industry’s activities include work on new structures as well as additions, alterations, and repairs to existing ones.

Occupations in the Industry

Construction offers a great variety of career opportunities. People with many different talents and educational backgrounds—managers, clerical workers, skilled craftsworkers, semiskilled workers, and laborers—find job opportunities in the construction industry Most of the workers in construction are skilled craftsworkers or laborers, helpers, and apprentices who assist the more skilled workers.

Many persons enter the construction crafts through apprenticeship programs. These programs offer on-the-job training under the close supervision of an experienced craftsworker, and formal classroom instruction. Depending on the trade, apprentices learn a variety of skills, ranging from Carpentry, laying brick to putting together steel beams.

Many persons advance to construction craft occupations from related, less skilled jobs as helpers or laborers. They acquire skills while they work. They work with experienced craftworkers, learning the basic skills of a particular craft. After acquiring experience and skill in various phases of the craft, they may become skilled craftworkers.

Persons can enter the construction industry with a variety of educational backgrounds. Those entering construction right out of high school start as laborers, helpers, or apprentices. Those who enter construction from technical or vocational schools also may go through apprenticeship training; however, they progress at a somewhat faster pace because they already have had courses such as mathematics, mechanical drawing, and carpentry. Skilled craftworkers may advance to supervisor or superintendent positions.


Earnings in construction are significantly higher than the average for all industries.

Over the past few years, there has been a flood of jobs leaving the country.   Construction is one industry that is impossible to outsource. As long as structures are made of steel, concrete and lumber, there will be a need for skilled craftsmen and women to build the projects.   Building can be prefabricated but workers with skills and experience will always need to be on site to coordinate the project and assemble and erect the structure.

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